Welcome Message
3A's Microfinance Limited (3A's) is a limited liability company established to offer you the best of banking services at an extremely low cost and attractive interest rate on deposits.
In our service delivery we uphold

Reliability - Our clients can always depend on us,

Commitment- We stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are satisfied,

Transparency - We make available all you need to know and

Respect - For our clients, irrespective of who they are.

  • By its operations, 3A’s Microfinance Limited qualifies as “Tier 2 `A’ Non-Banking Finance Company” (NBFC). As per this classification, 3A’s is eligible to accept public deposit and grant loans. We are regulated by the Bank of Ghana.
  • 3A’s products have been designed with the client in mind and with the object of flexibility. We are focused on developing the savings habits of Ghanaians; therefore the products have been designed to ensure that there is a firm commitment to putting money aside for a rainy day, even though clients can still have access to their monies when the need arises. Our loan products have attractive interest rates and flexibility of repayment to meet the financial needs of all economically active persons.
  • Our interest rates take into account credit risk and market conditions to ensure that rates are fair and attractive to both investors and borrowers.
  • What make 3A’s unique in the microfinance industry is our dedication to serving our clients to their satisfaction.

Our Vision

A World Without Financial Distress.

Our Mission

3A's Microfinance Limited is commited to bridging the gap of wealth creation and alleviating financial diffculty by providing a range of efficient and innovative banking services to average and low income earners as well as small and medium scale enterprises.

We maintain dedicated and professional staff with high integrity to ensure client satisfaction.