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3A's Microfinance Limited (3A's) is a limited liability company established to offer you the best of banking services at an extremely low cost and attractive interest rate on deposits.
In our service delivery we uphold

Reliability - Our clients can always depend on us,

Commitment- We stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are satisfied,

Transparency - We make available all you need to know and

Respect - For our clients, irrespective of who they are.

Car Owners’ Club Account
  • This account is specially designed for owners or drivers of commercial vehicles plying short distances. This is to enable subscribers make daily contributions as savings for their vehicle repair purposes and other emergencies.
  • Mobile Bankers from 3A's will visit you in your comfort zone to take your daily deposits.
  • Upon registration, 3A’s shall issue account holders with a passbook and a 25-leaflet withdrawal book.
  • To open a COCA account, you need one passport size photograph, a valid ID card and proof of residential address and driver’s licence (compulsory).