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3A's Microfinance Limited (3A's) is a limited liability company established to offer you the best of banking services at an extremely low cost and attractive interest rate on deposits.
In our service delivery we uphold

Reliability - Our clients can always depend on us,

Commitment- We stop at nothing to ensure that our clients are satisfied,

Transparency - We make available all you need to know and

Respect - For our clients, irrespective of who they are.

  • 3A’s Life Plan account is similar to the micro pension plan that enables you make voluntary savings towards your old age. This micro pension plan aims at providing old-age income for our clients in both the formal and informal sectors.
  • It is a fixed system of monthly contributions where subscribers can save voluntarily over a long period, minimum of three (3) years and maximum of ten (10) years at a very attractive interest rate.
  • A certificate and a passbook is issued to all Life Plan Account Holders.
  • Life Plan Account Holders may make partial withdrawal of 50% every three years of investment.
  • To open a Life Plan account, you need one passport size photograph, a valid ID card and proof of residential address.